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5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water!

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Water is and probably always will be the best drink for hydration.

The company lucozade made an ad claiming their drink hydrates better than water and was banned for the claim.

In this list we'll be showing you 5 amazing benefits of drinking water.

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5) It Cleans You From The Inside

We all know water is great for cleaning us from the outside but it has a similar effect on the inside too.

Keeping hydrated helps flush out toxins in the body that can build up and make you feel and run less efficiently.

Dehydration can bring on headaches, fatigue, constipation and can even make your body odor smell more potent.

It's often said you should drink about 8 cups of water a day.

While that is perfectly fine and nothing wrong with it, it's not a tailored solution.

Our body often mistake thirst for hunger.

Sure we still feel thirsty but that's usually when we're getting quite dehydrated.

Getting in a habit of drinking water regularly, helps you recognize thirst signals and you'll begin to notice that you feel more thirsty more often.

4) It can protect against some types of cancer

I know what you're thinking, another one of these miracle cancer cures, but that's not what is being said.

Water itself cannot cure cancer, but it can help prevent certain type of cancer.

For example a bulletproof vest can help prevent you from being shot, but if you've already been shot, there's not much it can do for you.

Research has shown that the greater the fluid intake, the lower the incidence of bladder cancer, with more significant results when the fluid is water.

One reason is that urinating more frequently prevents the buildup of bladder carcinogens.

However what's important is that prevention is always easier than curing.

There is no harm in keeping hydrated, it is a documented fact that staying hydrated leads to a healthier life.

So even if in the future we find out that keeping hydrated has little effect on the prevention of colon and breast cancer, you haven't lost anything but only gained in other aspects by staying hydrated.

3) It can improve your mood.

We all know being tired or hungry can make some of us snappy or moody.

The same goes with being dehydrated.

But it's very rare people link the two together.

If you're always a bit moody for no real reason, it's probably worth a shot to keep yourself hydrated and see if you feel any better.

An interesting study showed 30% of people who suffer from regular headaches, managed to relive their headache just from drinking a few cups of water.

No pain pills needed.

So if you suffer from regular headaches, try drinking water.
You may be part of that 30%.

2) It can prevent hangovers

With the new year fast approaching, I'm certain quite a few of us will be suffering from a hangover on new years day.

Well here's a tip that can prevent that dreaded hangover.

You see alcohol really dehydrated your body, but since you're all drunk and happy you don't really notice it.

Well, here's the prevention, if you can remember to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, you'll wake up feeling much better.

You'll still have alcohol in your system when you wake up, especially if you drank a lot, so it's important to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Never drink on any empty stomach, sure it may make the buzz of the alcohol more apparent, but its a recipe that will end up with you puking and feeling terrible.

1) It can make you stronger

Water helps maintain your muscles.

You can work out loads, have big arms but if you're dehydrated you're muscles are not working at 100%.

Water is essential for cells to function, and if the balance of fluids in cells are off they don't work properly.

Think of it like this.

Imagine 2 boxes, but one box is twice the size of the other box.
The bigger box is only 50% filled, while the smaller box is 100% filled.

Both boxes contain the same amount of stuff despite the difference in size.

Now of course this example is very simple, and doesn't include other factors that can waste away muscle.

But water really is highly important in keeping not only your muscles strong, but your whole body and immune system.
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5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water!
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