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The world is a bizarre place. And sometimes there are stories so strange, so unusual that they stick with you for a long time. The following unsolved cases will most likely do just that. These are 5 extremely strange and creepy mysteries.

5. The Severed Feet of The Northwest Seaboard

Nike, New Balance and Ozark Trail – all these shoe brands have one thing in common – they’ve all washed ashore in the Northwestern United states, with a severed human foot inside.
Since 2007, the Pacific Northwest Seaboard has been haunted. They've found sixteen shoes with feet inside and they have no clue where they’re coming from or who they belong to.
Almost all of the severed feet are of the right foot, and many of them are wearing sneakers or hiking boots.

4. Dick Hansen

After going through a tough divorce, Dick Hansen (a former college football star) was ready to move on and in good spirits. He called his female friend, "Jean" on April 29, 1991 to hang out with him at their favorite bar. After they left the watering hole, they got into Jean's car and drove to where Hansen had parked his pickup truck. Once there, they sat in Hansen's car and kept talking for a bit and it was then that Jean noticed another car had pulled over behind them. She didn't think anything of it since there was a mailbox on the sidewalk.

3. Baby Nicole Lee Hattamer

It's gruesome enough to hear of an adult murdered but when it's a helpless baby, it's far more disturbing. Baby Nicole Lee Hattamer would have turned 18 years old had she been alive today. But her life was tragically cut short on December 26, 1989, shortly after celebrating Christmas.

The 10-month old child was reported missing from her crib in her grandparent's home in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, despite the grandparents, her teen mom, and the mother's younger sister and brother being present inside the home at the time.

2. Jonathan Luna

Jonathan Luna, a 38-year old U.S. Attorney’s assistant was found dead on December 4, 2003 in a small creek in Pennsylvania. He had died from drowning but also suffered multiple shallow stab wounds to his chest and neck from his own Swiss Army Pen Knife.

On the night of his death, Luna was handling a case involving two men running a drug ring that were using a music studio as front. He was working out a plea deal with the defense attorneys and promised to fax over notes later in the night. It's believed that after he got home, he later on went back to his office to work on the plea deal some more.

1. Blair Adams

The story of Blair Adams is considered one of the most bizarre cases of paranoia and death that even today people don't know what to make of it.
Blair Adams, by all accounts, seemed like a normal 31-year old Canadian construction foreman. Despite a history of drug and alcohol possession, Blair had been clean and sober for a year and was doing great. His friends and family described him as cheerful but everything changed in the summer of 1996.
Blair started behaving erratically. He would suffer wild mood swings and looked stressed out. When his mother asked him several times what was wrong, he replied "I don't think I should tell you about it."


All of these cases still remain unsolved. It's possible that time could bury any hope of an answer coming out but it's also possible that maybe, it's just a matter of time before the truth about these strange cases comes to light.
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