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Beginner's Home Muscle Building And Cardio Workout

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What's up guys,

It's Mike Chang and today we're going to be doing an at home muscle building workout for beginners. This workout is not only going to build muscle, it is also going to be a cardio workout. This workout will help you get shredded with six pack abs.

0:39 If you want to learn how to do each exercise, I made another video showing you how to do each one. Click on the video and go or get ready to sweat!

Let's do this!

Workout breakdown:
***No Rest Until You Absolutely Need It
4 Rounds of Each Exercise and 30 Seconds Per Exercise.
Push ups
Bent Over Rows
Upright Rows
Squat & Press
Close Grip Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Toe Touches

Remember do 30 seconds of each exercise and then move on to the next one. Rotate in order until you complete 4 rounds.

And if you want some crazy tips on how to chisel your abs:

I am happy to say I like the body I have today, but I wasn't always this happy. I failed over and over trying to get the body I wanted and I almost completely gave up. But I found something that finally worked for me. This one "trick" is the reason that I have six pack abs and a ripped body today.

You don't have to recreate the wheel, just use the one "trick" that tons and tons of other guys have already used to build crazy abs.

You deserve to know:

P.S. Spread the joy of fitness, share this link on Facebook!
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Beginner's Home Muscle Building And Cardio Workout
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