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Darkest Dungeon - Give up hope with @LPGrodus Part 4

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Uploaded: 01 Jan 70
Duration: 02:40:20
Ω Be nice to the chatters and do not question people lurking Ω
Ω Be respectful towards the mods Ω
(Fail to do this and they will punish you as they see fit)
Ω No advertisement - will result in ban Ω
(Example of advertisement; Hey check out my channel/stream/instagram etc)
Ω Don't ask to people to subscribe to your channel the first thing you do - will result in ban Ω
Ω Do not spoil the game - will result in time out up to 3 times then end in ban Ω
Ω No backseat gaming - it's very annoying and might end with you getting timed out Ω
Ω No Politics Ω
Ω Don't spam! example random numbers in chat - You will be timed out. Ω
Ω English in chat only Ω

Loose all hope and give in to insanity as we enter the world of Darkest Dungeon. There is no hope to survive and people will die like flies but all we can do about it is to continue the struggle and try to make it as far as we can! This is an interactive stream so join in and get a character named after you.

Will you stream ???? Phoenix Wright game?
Yes I will play the other Phoenix Wright games down the road if I can manage to acquire them.
Will you stream Phoenix Wright in your stream?
Yes up until I beat the game (Trials & Tribulations) then I'm streaming some other thing in between the next game.
Can you update the sub count on the stream?
No I can't, I have to change it manually by creating a new goal each time so I only update it before the stream
How do you stream DS and 3DS games?
I have a capture board 3ds I use. It has a device on it ectrlaanly and is connected to the pc.
How long are you timed out? 300 seconds (5minutes)
What is SEK?
SEK is the swedish currency and stands for Swedish Crowns (Svenska Kronor)
Why do you have a donation goal?
Donation goals are just a way for me to get equipment or games to stream a little bit quicker. It's completely optional to donate and just function as a speedup process
What are you eating on stream today?

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Enjoy and have fun!

Current Subscriber Goal; 1012/2000

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Enjoy and have fun!

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