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Episode 130 - RootsMagic 5, APG, the 1940 Census and more

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Uploaded: 22 Dec 16
Duration: 01:01:34
Description: Episode 130 with Lisa Louise Cooke

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Published April 16, 2012

In this episode learn more about APG, find out what's new with RootsMagic 5, and get started searching the 1940 census.


Diane Haddad and I just spent some time on the Family Tree Magazine podcast going over everything that's been happening with the release of the 1940 census. Diane is the Managing Editor of Family Tree Magazine and writes the Genealogy Insider blog, and she's been doing a terrific job covering the records release, indexing efforts and early finds in the 1940 census.

You can hear the entire April episode of the Family Tree Magazine podcast at

And you can read more about it my article called Genealogy Just Got More Exciting! The 1940 Census is Here at the Genealogy Gems News Blog.

where you can read about the official opening ceremony at the National Archives and check out a really cool infographic put out by that guides you through the process of finding your relatives in the 1940 census before the index is finished and released. Because there isn't a searchable name index yet, you'll need to follow a simple three step process:

#1 Write down where you ancestor lived. You can ask older references, check old city directories, voters registrations, previous census and the like to come up with a pretty reliable list.

#2 Go to Enter your family's location to find their enumeration district. This is key to finding them without a published index.

#3 Use the Census Maps to narrow your results

#4 Enter the enumeration district number to view the image

Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC

If you've been enjoying the new season of the TV series Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC, then you're really going to enjoy the deleted scenes videos I have for you on the Genealogy Gems News blog.

Edie Falco

Rita Wilson

Parks and Recreation Star Discovers His Family History in Who Do You Think You Are? Rob Lowe

National ArchivesThe National Archives continues to publish some great videos on their YouTube channel and here's one that I really enjoyed:

National Archives Video Offers Peek Inside Preservation Lab

Also part of that series is another new video that the National Archives

Titanic at the National Archives & 100 Years

New Free RootsMagic Webinars Announced

RootsMagic has released Version 5. At the Ohio Genealogical Society conference in Cleveland I got a chance to sit down with Bruce Bruzbee, the President of RootsMagic and he tells us what's new.

It was so great to have a chance to sit down with Bruce and hear about all the upgrades, and he mentioned the free webinar series that they've been doing, and all of those have been recorded and are on their website at

Installing and Upgrading RootsMagic 5

New Media Tagging in RootsMagic 5

New Source and Citation Features in RootsMagic 5

New Research Logs and Manager in RootsMagic 5

New Timeline View in RootsMagic 5

Installing and Upgrading Personal Historian 2

Apr 19 - New County Check in RootsMagic 5

Apr 26 - New Reports and Options in RootsMagic 5

To sign up for the free webinars, visit the webinar page at:

Read RootsMagic Update Released and Free Webinar

Thanks for the Shout Outs:

Genealogy Gems Premium Podcasts and the iPad

by Jenna, Desparately Seeking Surnames Blog

A blog post about genealogy books and their authors

By: Carolyn L. Barkley, Genealogy and Family History Blog

How to Recover from a Genealogy Slump

From Eylse's Genealogy Blog


From Jean:

"Thank you so much for letting me be a gem!". I loved how you played the "Cooke's reel to reel version and then the iTunes version of "Thine Alone". I definitely spent a lot of time talking with myself and debating whether I had the nerve to send that email! I know you've always said that almost all contacts with genealogists are extremely rewarding, but this was just about my first attempt at communication. I am so delighted that it solved your mystery! You have a marvelous gift for making all of us feel special, and you've certainly helped me get even more motivated to explore my family history, thanks again.

From the Voice Mail Line: What do you do with big or numerous files? How do you annotate them in your tree for future reference...
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Episode 130 - RootsMagic 5, APG, the 1940 Census and more
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