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Eric and Neil’s Biggest Marketing Frustrations | Ep. #283

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Uploaded: 10 May 17
Duration: 00:06:58
Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: Eric and Neil’s Biggest Marketing Frustrations 00:37 – People are expecting things to happen quickly 01:16 – When you STICK with your marketing problems long enough, you are bound to solve more and more of those issues 01:24 – Neil uses Infusionsoft for marketing automation 01:54 – Don’t go with the tools that are easiest to use, but use the ones that have the right features to grow your business 02:14 – Eric is looking to hire creative people for his paid advertising team 02:25 – When you’re hiring people, make sure you hire the learners who are really creative 03:00 – With emails, it’s quite hard to get good deliverability 03:20 – Hotmail is the hardest one 03:29 – “There’s always this new stuff going on with marketing, all the time” 03:45 – Eric always like to learn, but it’s hard to stay on top of his game 03:55 – “My frustration is not being able to touch everything” 03:59 – If you hire a really good team, just let them go 04:10 – One of Eric’s friends from Entrepreneurs' Organization just grew his company from $3M to $22M in revenue 04:23 – That friend just hired a really good team 04:35 – It’s OK to have marketing frustrations 04:45 – “You don’t have to be perfect to create a big business, you just have to do 1 thing right” 05:00 – Prioritize! 05:12 – Prioritize better, otherwise, you get stuck with all the frustrations 05:21 – Marketing School is giving away access to Mixmax, a sales and marketing outreach tool 05:53 – Subscribe, rate and review Marketing School 05:56 – Text MARKETINGSCHOOL to 33444 06:16 – You can try a lot of tools with the same features to find the one that fits your business well 06:30 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Use the tools that will work well with your business and that will GROW it, not just those that are easiest to use. Hire a GREAT team that will help you grow your business – you can’t do it all by yourself. Use your frustrations as motivation to move forward and improve. Simply put, STICK with it! Leave some feedback:

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Eric and Neil’s Biggest Marketing Frustrations | Ep. #283
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