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Jason Beghe: on 'Chicago P.D'.: 'Trying to Be the Best I Can Be' (Episode 109)

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Uploaded: 18 Nov 16
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The Hollywood Reporter says Nick Weschler will come on board to play Kenny Rixton, a former protégé of Sgt. Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) from the pair’s gang unit days. Look for this to happen in Episode 10.

We saw Nick on "The Player" last year with Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester. It is a small world, after all. Philip stars in Chicago Justice, the new Chicago spinoff and fourth member of that super-successful franchise line-up. To add to the musical chairs, Jon Seda moves from "Chicago P.D." to "Chicago Justice."

Jason, 56, is a fascinating guy who tells it like it is whether talking about the show, his character or his life. He’s had such a stellar career so far, with television roles on "NCIS," "Criminal Minds," "Castle," "Californication," "Cane," "Everwood" and—remember this?—"Chicago Hope"—among many others including "Melrose Place. "He first played Hank Voight on "Chicago Fire," so he knows what it’s like to “move”—but not so far away.

He has a unique voice that makes his portrayal of the sergeant that much more real. He’s said the gravelly quality is a result of being intubated following a serious car accident when he was in a coma for 3 ½ weeks.

It was so fun to talk to Jason at NBCUniversal’s One Chicago Day held recently in the Windy City, pre-election. We talk about that here, and his prognostication, like millions of others, did not come true, as we all know.

Check out the trailer for the fall finale here. Fans on YouTube are sharing that it’s “so soon!” and “I’m not ready for a fall fin
ale (wails).” “How are we going to cope until January?”

Watch "Chicago P.D." tonight, November 16, at 9 ET on NBC, then mark your Outlook for a return on January 4, 2017.

Mind Your Body with Stephanie Stephens features celebrities and high achievers age 45+ who share their latest projects, healthy living secrets and more.
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Jason Beghe: on 'Chicago P.D'.: 'Trying to Be the Best I Can Be' (Episode 109)
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