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Uploaded: 11 Dec 16
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Description: So that when you die, the afterlife service uses every possible way to trick you to come back to Earth again.
Beyond the Mind:
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Skype: ankor621 WARNING: We should know - the higher worlds and other dimensions are the same matrix, you change your conditions and surround but you ARE still IN the bigger matrix. And your soul is not real you, it is just your vehicle for gaining experience within the matrix. It consists of four bodies. You should reach the position of recognizing yourself as a free being of light beyond this world and beyond your soul.
You may leave the Earth plane and move into other direction you will choose and you may even enjoy your new destination, but all these worlds and you with your astral, causal(memories), mental and etheric bodies, all these within the Matrix. You just change your surround and conditions and very likely you may join another reincarnation cycle in other star system or join other dimension, and be trapped with it.
Listen to me, matrix is the complex of six spheres which is one is inside another one: Deep Dark Border(nirvana), Etheric Realm, Mental Realm, Causal(memory) Realm, Astral Realm and Physical one. Every realm has its layers and sublayers. Every realm is the part of Creation, which is world of Cause and Effect. To set yourself free, you need change your attention from your soul, which is only a vehicle into the real universal postion beyond the Dep Dark Border. After the Deep Dark Border there IS Life as it IS, the seventh level, which provides you true liberation. Many people got satisfied with their Earthly position, or with their joining higher astral realms. to start unfolding yourself from all of these encumrances you have got after many-many lifetimes with your mental, memory, and astral body, sing nu-yu-yu-yu before going to sleep. You will be connected with the guides from the seventh level(beyond creation). They will educate you somehow to become more aware.
Will our future generations be so lost that their consciousness totally disappears into the virtual reality that they can make the cartoons alive and live among them? Will they become the hero in their own computer game by selling their consciousness to
the software they just bought?
WES PENRE PAPERS 1st level of learning, 564 p.

zombie, game addiction, space game, virtuality, pizzagate
anton karamanutsa And the higher self of other individual can fake your remote control signal and thus subdue your vehicle within this Matrix. So the different higher selves have different vehicles and sometimes hack each others vehicles. What can be a problem is the signal, it becomes stronger when we get rid off the drudgery of emotional and mental dramas and restrictions. The signal is lower when we do hate or love someone or something too much or getting involved into false mental constructions. The signal is better when we as neutral as possible. We experience ups and downs, but eventually we learn to see things as they are. We see religion from higher perspective, we see the place we live in from higher perspective. Remote control is always on, we are not always on. Another problem is low battrery of our soul/body complex. It happens when you allow someone to hack you, and use your vital energy. So you are not fine until the battery is recharged. and finally you make a right choice, connection is set up and you do everything perfectly like it was intended to be done. We as soul/body complex just have to learn to keep signal as powerful as it could be. Fly and take care! You are always on remote control, which is your higher self or it could be another entity if you willingly agree to be managed. Do not allow anybody to interrupt your connection to remote control which is outside the Matrix in the hands of Your Higher Self. Yes, the game has its boundaries and pitfalls, but it is your choice to be here. Best regards.
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