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Militia, Pro-Gun Activists Confront "March for our Lives" DC

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Uploaded: 24 Mar 18
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The group says the second amendment is non-negotiable, and advocates that armed security is a better measure for protecting students from gun violence in schools.

"We're representing the second amendment's most important function, and that's to protect the first amendment being exercised by the masses of people today," Dick Heller told News2Share while participating in the Patriot Picket.

Heller was the plaintiff in the landmark gun rights Supreme Court case Heller v. District of Columbia, which struck down provisions of DC's Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 as unconstitutional. The case resulted in Washington DC having to issue concealed carry permits for handguns in the district.

"We simply want the folks who are gathered here to remember that our republic can't operate without civil rights," Patriot Picket Founder Jeff Hulbert. "The second amendment does serve a purpose."

Hulbert said he came prepared in the event that protesters attacked his group. "We brought helmets just in case," he said.

About a dozen militia members clad in tactical gear (absent firearms) associated with the III% movement attended the rally.

Danny Bollinger, a Maryland III%er, told News2Share "I'm here to support our second amendment."

"Gun control doesn't stop crazy people. If you wanna kill someone enough, you'll stab somebody," he added.

Interactions with March for our Lives participants had mixed results. Some shook hands, agreeing to disagree. Others chanted "Shame!" repeatedly over the demonstration.

"Jesus would not be holding those signs, you all should be ashamed of yourself," exclaimed an anti-gun protester wearing a shirt displaying the Pulse Nightclub logo.

"You all have blood on your hands," added another.

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Militia, Pro-Gun Activists Confront "March for our Lives" DC
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