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Move, Lord, Move by Pastor Donald Lee

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Uploaded: 22 Nov 14
Duration: 00:08:11
Is there a different way to live our lives; and if so, how do we get there?

Psalm 145:16 says, “Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” The Hebrew word for “open” means “wide open.” The opening of the hand is an act of great generosity. God is a giver and He opens His hand wide to pour out His gifts to us.

How do we get God to open His hand for us to experience the fullness of His goodness and glory? If prayer is the most powerful tool God has given us, how do we pray more effectively to unleash the power and blessings of God?

Pastor Donald Lee has some answers to help you on. He was supernaturally called by God into the ministry of the Apostle in 1975. His mandate from the Lord is to make saints strong and guide them into their destiny.

Joining Pastor Lee on this webinar will be Gary Beaton, founder of Transformation Glory Ministries. Gary is supernaturally called by God to bring transformation glory to the nations. His heart is to bring about Restoration and Revival in personal lives, cities, and nations for a harvest of one billion souls.

The Lord wants to raise up an exceedingly great and mighty army in these end times (Ezekiel 37).And He has instructed Pastor Donald Lee to conduct hiscoaching course for the purpose of makingpeople strong.
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Move, Lord, Move by Pastor Donald Lee
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