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Steven Universe Animatic_Immortality Isn't Fun

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Uploaded: 06 May 18
Duration: 00:03:57
Hello everyone! After taking a little break (and being VERY busy with work...) I've finally finished my Ultra-Super-Mega-Angsty animatic. I legit made this because I love breaking hearts, and I wanted to see how angsty and depressing I could make my animatics to destroy people's "feels" without it being too laughable. (I may have missed a few marks...)

Anyway, as the video says at the beginning, this animatic deals with extremely sensitive material, and believe me, it's not coming from a blind place. I've dealt with mental illness and a lot of things through life, so don't think I'm just throwing it around please.

SO! I'm sure this animatic, story wise, may be a bit confusing. So I'll go ahead and give a very brief summary, starting off with the flashback scenes(which all have the fuzzy black border around them):

Lars is immortal now since his resurrection, and in being immortal has to deal with his friends and family growing up and moving on without him in some aspects of life.
Sadie married Ronaldo, and they are having a family together. He wasn't really husband material, and while Lars and Sadie dated while they were both still young, eventually she grew older, and it just didn't work out.

He decided to go back into space with his crew, seeing as he's not really fit to be on Earth, in his eyes. They all happily went with him, excited for more fun adventures with their Captain, and wanting to cheer him up.
Unfortunately though, they do get captured and all of the Off Colors get shattered as punishment for their rebellion and crimes. Not shown in the animatic, Steven and the other Crystal Gems came to their aid and saved Lars, but didn't make it in time for his crew.

This sent Lars spiraling further into a deep depression, unable to save his crew, blaming himself for their shattering. Steven tries to cheer him up to no avail. He convinces the other gems to help, since they are all a part of each other's lives now. But nothing seems to work.

In the next flashback, Lars is seen gaining the courage to try and self-harm. He didn't do this for any reason other than to attempt suicide. Not only because of his deep depression, and anxiety taking over his life, but because he is tired and worn out by being immortal. He wishes to go, and even if it's a painful way, bleeding out was an option.
But much to his surprise, when given a fatal wound it began to glow and slowly close up, roses blooming around the scar tissue and healing him. (This is an idea I got from a scrapped idea the writers of Steven Universe had that when Steven dreamed about Rose, roses would bloom around his body.)
So it's nothing "canon", just a little idea I had to make things more upsetting. When given a fatal wound, his body will heal, the effects of Steven's tears still taking their toll.

After this scene, we can see his father's funeral, where he and his mother cry and he tries to comfort her.

All of these flashbacks are upsetting events that lead him to where he is in the present, returning to Beach City after leaving. He had left once his mother passed away, not wanting to stay in the area, and needing to clear his head. He was gone for years before he returned, only to go to the top of the cliffside above the beach (Yes, the same area where Amethyst fell off and cracked her gem) and try to commit suicide by falling down it.

He has been immortal now for a number of years, most if not all of his friends from Beach City aged and old, or passed on. He doesn't feel like he belongs around the humans anymore, and he doesn't feel like he belongs as a Crystal Gem, so staying alive as an immortal teen is a struggle.

In the end of the video you can see roses blooming around him, his body attempting to heal from the fall. It is up to you as the viewer to view it as him finally getting peace, or if he will wake up later just fine. (And probably be found by an older Steven, who will definitely try again to help his friend.)

Thanks for taking the time to read that if you did, guys! I hope you like the video, and if it was upsetting to you in an emotional level beyond your comfort, I deeply apologize, and tried to put as many warnings as I can!

Song: Alone Again-Gilbert O'Sullivan
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