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Tagir Sadyrbaev, Alexey Orlov - Castaneda (Original mix)

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Uploaded: 05 Oct 15
Duration: 00:11:01
Description: ARTISTS: Tagir Sadyrbaev, Alexey Orlov
RELEASE DATE: 2015-09-19
LABELS: Slowdance

DESCRIPTION Castaneda by Tagir Sadirbaev and Alexey Orlov is represented by two authentic tracks. The special intro Castaneda is created from the bright Spanish castanets surrounded by a powerful stream of acoustic vibrations. Transparent rhythmic drawings of percussions move chaotically introducing a listener the history of ancient Scandinavia. The successful work of the tandem is based not only on continuous technical development of musicians. Each release is weaved by intuitive fibers of musical coauthorship. The "Castaneda" - a dream-track. The first immersion where warm chords of moog voyager dominate. Energetic groove clearly gives the feeling of reality of the happening travel. Sound dynamics is reached by the sudden introduction of guitar peds. The composition's final is a pleasant emotional awakening.
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Tagir Sadyrbaev, Alexey Orlov - Castaneda (Original mix)
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