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The Problem With The School Of Life

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Uploaded: 11 Jul 17
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First, a lot of people have perceived this video as an all out condemnation of the SOL. That is not the purpose of this video. Their videos aren't all bad, and if you get help from them, great! This video was only meant to highlight their mistakes/failings as an organization in order to help people view them more critically.

Second, several people have asked for supplemental channels / replacement channels and 雨Jacob 雨 (currently studying philosophy) from the comments supplied this great answer. If you know of another good channel, comment about it and I'll link it here.

Matt McCormick - Philosophy of Religion Professor at Sacramento; uploads his courses online and are great introductions to the contemporary questions in the philosophy of religion

Philosophical Overdose - Probably the greatest philosophy resource on YouTube; Collection of Philosophy Videos on a wide variety of topics.

Gregory B. Sadler - President of ReasonIO, Anselm scholar, and editor of Stoicism Today; makes videos on a wide range of topics, including many introductory series, as well as a long-running series of reading Hegel's Phenomenology in 30-minute segments

SisyphusRedeemed - Philosophy professor at University of South Indiana; creates lots of content on the philosophy of science - Channel publishing on a variety of topics in very short introduction videos; religion, science, ethics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, language, et al.

European Graduate School - Video lectures published by the European Graduate School; video series on a variety of continental thinkers. Pretty ugly aesthetic, but good content.

Rotman Institute of Philosophy- videos of lectures from Rotman; philosophy of science, research ethics, bioethics, values theory , and feminism

Massimo Pigliucci - Prof. Massimo Pigliucci's YouTube channel; includes lectures, interviews, debates, and panel discussions that Prof. Pigliucci has engaged in

Daniel Bonevac- Analytic Philosopher at UT; he uploads his various classes, including his intro to analytic philosophy, ideas of the 20th century, and a general intro to philosophy

While these channels all have great content, they do lack the aesthetic appeal of School of Life, as well as the light-hearted tone. For some more laid-back and fun channels, I'd recommend:

Philosophy Tube - Fun videos on a wide-range of topics; they maintain the short and light-hearted appeal of School of Life videos, while not misrepresenting ideas (the host does the best job possible in a short amount of time)

Wireless Philosophy - Another fun channel with animated videos; videos on a wide-range of topics from philosophy of mind to philosophy of language to philosophy of religion. Narrated by philosophy professors from an assortment of universities.

Academy of Ideas - Comfy videos on quite a few thinkers; Nietzsche, Jung, the Pre-Socratics, and much more. Probably the closest I could recommend to the School of Life.

Let me know what you think. Do you like the School of Life? Am I being too harsh?

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next week we'll be back with another edition of Coffee Break so stay tuned!
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