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TOP 10 amazing Savants

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10 Kim Peek

Kim Peek was born with severe brain damage., Kim has physical and social disabilities

The inspiration for Rain Man, Peek could read two pages of a book simultaneously (one with each eye) and instantly commit them to memory

His recall of more than 12,000 books made him a walking encyclopedia. Peek, who died in 2009, could also sum columns of numbers in the telephone book.

9 Stephen Wiltshire

London born Stephen has been the subject of many tests and observations.

Wiltshire, who is autistic, was drawing buildings by age 8. As an adult, he has created stunningly accurate portraits of cities from memory.

In 2007, he flew over the Thames for 15 minutes, then sketched seven square miles of London's streets, rivers, and buildings, precise down to the windows.

8 Daniel Tammet

Tammet can recite pi to 22,514 decimals, master a new language in one week's time, and perform lightning-quick calculations.

Asked by one researcher to compute 37 to the power of 4 (answer: 1,874,161), he did so instantly.

He perceives numbers and days as having distinct colors and emotional tones

7 Leslie Lemke

Blind since birth, Lemke has a verbal IQ of 58. When he was 14, his family watched a movie featuring a Tchaikovsky piano concerto.

Hours later, his mother awoke to the music and discovered Lemke playing it. He has performed around the globe and can reproduce thousands of songs from memory.

6 Flo ve Kay Lyman

Flo and Kay Lyman are identical twins who are autistic and have special savant abilities

Florence and Katherine Lyman are also twins who share the same remarkable ability.

And oddly enough, they’re the only other known set of savant twins with the same calendar-counting talent.

5 Jon Sarkin
Jon Sarkin was a successful chiropractor until he suffered a brain aneurysm while golfing

While in surgery, Jon died on the table and doctors had to remove nearly half of his cerebellum to save his life

Jon couldn’t walk or talk for a year and he started drawing and painting as a way to communicate.

4 Derek Amato

There are only 50 known prodigious savants in the world.

Derek Amato is one of them. After sustaining a concussion after falling in a pool, Derek suddenly discovered he had extraordinary piano playing abilities.


An acquired savant, Carollo gained exceptional mathematic ability after recovering from a severe auto accident at age 14.

Just months later, he achieved a perfect score on a geometry mastery test without having studied.

2 Alonzo Clemons

Having suffered a brain injury as a child, Alonzo has an IQ of somewhere between 45 and 50. This certainly doesn’t stop him from sculpting though.

He can quickly replicate a 3D model of almost any creature after only catching a glimpse of it.

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There are only Mozart and JS Bach's also having the ability to decipher the notes of all the sounds in nature, including language musical genius as one of 664 people with autism Buğra canker, is known for his piano skills
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TOP 10 amazing Savants
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