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Why Does Our Existence Have To Be A Struggle?

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Uploaded: 26 Nov 17
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GUEST: Dr. Paulette Steeves



Dr. Paulette Steeves is the director of the Native American Studies program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and her work as an archaeologist seeks to upend long-held notions about indigenous culture in the Americas.

Steeves, who is Cree-Metis, was the first Ph.D. candidate in her field to successfully defend her dissertation using indigenous method and theory. She has spent years building a database of Pleistocene archeological sites that show her ancestors have been in the Americas far longer than previously acknowledged. (The Pleistocene [Pleis·to·cene], is the geological epoch [pronounce it “epic”] that lasted from 2.6 million to approximately 12,000 years ago.)

Her work, which challenges the “colonial” legacy of archeology, is considered revolutionary by some, controversial by others. Steeves believes objections to the inclusion of “indigenous ways and methods” in archeology comes from “a really strong, and deep-rooted racism in North American anthropology against Native Americans.”


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Title: Alberta teacher races to save dying Indigenous language before time runs out 'Our stories haven't been told and I want to share our history with others'

By Zoe Todd, CBC News Posted: Nov 13, 2017 6:00 AM MT Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 6:00 AM MT



TITLE: FORCED STERILIZATION of 272000 Native American Women “Not a Crime Against Humanity”: PUBLIC PROSECUTOR By theindigenousamericans_6i2sru  On November 13, 2017November 13, 2017




Article A 

TITLE: Confronting Cultural Imperialism in Native American Archaeology The ethical, legal, and research-oriented tools of archaeology can encourage Native American self-determination rather than undermine it.

CHARLES R. RIGGS / 10 AUG 2017  

Article B 

 TITLE: 1975: Indian self-determination becomes the law of the land
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Why Does Our Existence Have To Be A Struggle?
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